Public Relations Unit



The State Government of Sarawak places great emphasis on the importance of public relations and in disseminating precisely its policy governing land and up-to-date information affecting interested groups and the general public.

Thus, to realise this goal the Department of Lands and Surveys, Sarawak had on 21 February 2000, set up its Public Relations Unit to act as an agent of communication on matters pertaining to land administration and management.


  • To build and sustain the Department’s reputation as a leading  organization in the management and administration of land;
  • To disseminate precise information on services, conducted professionally,  in the administration and management of land;
  • To forge a close and proactive relationship with interested parties, concerned and sensitive to feedbacks and constructive criticisms.


  • To manage relationships with interested parties (government, political parties, non-governmental organizations, private sectors, land owners and others), the media and the general public in disseminating the latest and accurate information pertaining to the Department, up-to-date activities, current policies governing land,  administrative issues and management of land;
  • To plan, coordinate and prepare suitable materials for the Department’s promotional activities and publicity;
  • To act as a bridge between the Department and its clients in managing complaints and inquiries by members of the public;
  • To coordinate visits by local and foreign dignitaries,  Departments, agencies, non-governmental organizations and students to the Department;
  • To assist and coordinate official and unofficial programs held by the Department and the government;
  • To construct and oversee the Departmental Documentation Centre (books, compiling photos, newspaper cuttings, videos, examination papers, Innovative and Creative Group projects, and others)
  • To update the Department web portal;
  • To coordinate activities under to the One-Stop-Counter;
  • To superintend and to ensure that telephone, counter and website services provided are at their best;
  • To ensure that the latest version of the  Clients’ Charter is displayed, disseminated and understood;
  • To carry out customers’ satisfaction survey; and
  • To plan and implement strategies in enhancing the Department’s corporate image.



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