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1. Procedure for Purchasing Maps/ Aerial Photographs - 18 Nov 2016



Complete the any of the relevant application Form below and submit in triplicate supported by a copy of the applicant Identity card: 


(a)   Form PPNM-1            : to be filled by general public; or
(b)   Form PPNM-1A (81)  : to be filled by Government Departments


The application will be assigned with file a reference.


To indicate clearly whether the applicant is a foreigner /foreign-owned company or a Malaysian.

If applicant is a Malaysian, then application shall be submitted to the State Commissioner of Police, Kuching for approval.


If applicant is a foreigner or foreign-owned company, the application shall be submitted to the Inspector General of Police, Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur for approval.


The applicant will be informed of the outcome by letter.


Upon notification of approval, the applicant is required to come in person to make payment and for collection of maps/aerial photographs.


The payment will be acknowledged with official receipt and endorsement by the Department on the reverse side of the maps/aerial photographs.


* Only available at Cartography Section at Level 1 Land and Survey Department Headquarters, Menara Pelita, Petra Jaya, Kuching

2. What are the payment options for eLASIS services? - 02 May 2020

There are 4 payment options available for eLASIS Users:

1) Bank Account Direct Debit via Sarawak Government Official Secured Payment Gateway, Paybills Malaysia

2) Credit Card via Sarawak Government Official Secured Payment Gateway, Paybills Malaysia

3) Prepayment Account

4) SPay Global (eWallet)

3. What is the link for eLasis Services? - 03 May 2020
4. How to apply job vacancy at the department? - 02 Oct 2017

You can check and apply online at 

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