Finance Section


Finance Section


The Finance Section at Land and Survey Department, Headquarters under the charge of the Deputy Director (Operation), is responsible to ensure that financial and accounting activities in the Department adhere to rules and procedures as laid out in Financial Procedure 1957 (Act 61), Treasury Instructions, Treasury Circulars, Service Circulars, General Orders and Supplementary Regulations.


To have a realistic operating expenditure estimates and manage them with prudence, integrity and accountability.


  1. Prepare Yearly Expenditure Estimates, Periodic Budget Analysis and Budgetary Controls.
  2. Supervise, manage and control daily financial and accounting activities and to maintain proper accounting records for all transactions.
  3. Provide advice on financial and accounting matters to management and staff of the Department.
  4. Maintain record for all expenditure made by the department and to ensure expenditures do not exceed approved allocation.
  5. Record and prepare payment voucher for:-
    • Staff Claims
    • Contract Claims and Consultancy Fee
    • Land Compensation
    • Payment Of Bills for Goods and Services
    • Other payments
  6. Issue Purchase Orders for procurement of goods and services.
  7. Prepare Salary Advice, Salary Adjustments and Salary Deduction for staffs.
  8. Reconciliation Of Expenditures.
  9. Management procurement of goods and services.

For further information, please contact:

Finance Section
Headquarters: 6082 444 111 ext. 8512; or
relevant Divisional offices
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