Engineering Branch


The Engineering Branch of Land and Survey Department was established on 1st September 1995. The purpose of its establishment is to do planning and budgeting, project implementation, as well as contract administration for the development projects of Urban Roads, Kampung Extension and Service Centres. 




To implement of the Department’s development projects in accordance to the scheduled plan, taking into consideration the priorities and needs of the people. 



  • To propose, plan and implement development projects under the Malaysian Plan, namely Urban Road, Kampung Extension Scheme/Resettlement Scheme and Service Centre.
  • To prepare project papers for approval by State Development Executive Committee (SDEC) and the State Executive Council (MMKN).
  • To manage projects from inception to end of implementation.

Duties at Headquarters:-

  • To define project’s scopes, carry out engineering design and procurement process of the development projects.
  • To implement and administer contract;
  • To liaise with relevant agencies on project matters.
  • To prepare budgets, set project implementation target, and project progress reporting

Duties at Divisional Office:-

  • To process engineering plans and inspect the works carried out by the developers as listed in Part X of The Land Code.
  • To put up development project proposals i.e. SPK/SPS, Service Centre, and Urban Roads to Headquarters,
  • To monitor the progress of ongoing projects.


The Engineering Branch implements Development Projects under three (3) Vote Heads which are carried out under the Five Years Malaysia Plan as shown in the following table: -

 Vote Head No.

 Programme No.


 Sub – Activity





 Land Infrastructures

 Land Infrastructures


 Urban Roads

 Vote Head No.

 Programme No.





 Land Compensation and residential Extensions

 Residential Schemes

 Kampung Extension

 Vote Head No.

 Programme No.





 Urban Development

 Urban Planning and Development

 Urban Development (Service Centre Development)


Urban Roads

The implementation of Urban Roads Projects by the department is crucial to ensure that any construction of new and upgrading of existing roads is in line with the hierarchy, standards and breadth of road reserves outlined in the Structure and Local Plan. As such, it will ensure public transport efficiency and accessibility to all approved development areas.


Acces Road to Tapak Kaul (Phase 1 &2) Mukah







  Acces Road to RECODA, Mukah


Kampung Extension Scheme

Kampung Extension Scheme is the State Government’s initiative to overcome the overcrowding issues of traditional settlements in Sarawak since the Fourth Malaysia Plan (1981-1985). Through this scheme, the layout of the residential area is well planned and equipped with basic infrastructure and utilities such as roads, water supply and electricity. Furthermore, the Scheme is provided with components such as open space, government reserves, religious site, etc. in order to maintain the social characteristics and enhance the economic growth of the existing traditional settlement.

Kampung Tebakang Extension Scheme (Phase 1), Serian


Kampung Sadong Jaya Extension Scheme, Samarahan  Kampung Nelayan Extension Scheme, Mukah


Service Centre

The needs of a service centre within a region is closely related to the continuity of planning carried out by the Regional Planning and Research Section in accordance with the structural plan produced by the Urban Design Section. The road network as proposed in the Structure Plan once constructed will become the catalyst to promote the development of a new Service Centre. Therefore, the planning activities such as siting application for government agencies, NGOs and development control can be carried out effectively.

Sekuau Service Centre, Sibu

Tegulang Service Centre, Kapit


Dalat Service Centre, Mukah  Matading Bedengan Service Centre, Mukah


For further information, please contact:

Engineering Branch
Headquarters : +6082 444111 ext. 8325 or
relevant Divisional offices

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