Management Services Branch


The Management Services Branch is responsible for providing supporting services to the Department such as human resource management, general administration and office management.


To provide a smooth, efficient and effective supporting services, human resource management, general administration and office management to ensure the Department's vision and mission can be  achieved.


i)     Human Resource Management:-

  1. Recruitment (vacancies for department technical post)
  2. Confirmation and emplacement into pensionable terms
  3. Retirement, resignation and relinquishment of post with consent
  4. Career development and promotion
  5. Handling disciplinary cases
  6. Appraisal assesement and recognition
  7. Transfer (inter-department & intra-department)
  8. Acting and covering of duties

ii)    General Administration and Office Management:-

  1. Store and asset management
  2. Application for all types of leave and permission to leave the state.
  3. Application for all types of Government loan and personal loan.
  4. Application for GCR (Gantian Cuti Rehat)
  5. Application for all types of allowances and privileges.
  6. Application for medical treatment allowances and reimbursement for the purchase of  supporting equipment and medicines.
  7. Office management and general Administration
  8. Filing and records management(CACTUS)

For further information, please contact:

Management Services Branch
Headquarters: 6082 444 111 ext. 8506; or
relevant Divisional offices

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