Valuation Branch


Valuation Branch



Valuation Branch is responsible for managing land acquisition in accordance with the Government Development Programs. Besides that, it is resposible for assessing promptly all fees due to the Goverment as well as to provide profesional advice to Goverment Agencies.

To ensure land required for implementation of government development projects are made available timely.

1. To carry out compulsory Land Acquisition


2. Providing Assessment of Premium and Annual Rent   for
  • Application for Variation of Title Condition (AVTC)
  • Direct Alienation
  • Renewal of Land Leases (RLL)
  • Annual Rent

3. Miscellaneous Valuation Services such as

  • Rental Assessment
  • Assessment for Student Loan Purposes
  • Assessment of Fee Payable for Temporary Occupation Licence (TOL)
  • Auction by the High Court



For further information, please contact: 

Valuation Branch,
Headquaters :6082-444111 ext. 8501; or 
relevant Divisional Offices.