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Information System BranchInformation System Branch


Information System Branch (ISB) is one of the supporting branches in the organization responsible for ICT initiatives and its implementation. ISB is tasked with responsibilities to ensure all ICT projects and activities are managed efficiently. 


To maintain and continuously develop towards a comprehensive, reliable and integrated land information system.


  • Strategic planning for ICT development in the Department and formulating of ICT and Security policies and procedures.
  • To plan and manage the implementation of ICT projects in the Department in accordance with the terms and conditions as stipulated in the project agreement.
  • To provide application support and services to users of Land and Survey Information System (LASIS).
  • To maintain daily operation of Land and Survey Information System (LASIS).
  • To manage the yearly ICT Budget for approval by Sarawak Information Technology and Resources Council (SITRC).



For further information, please contact

Information System Branch
Headquarters :6082 444111 ext 8401; or
relevant Divisional Offices.