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Survey BranchSurvey Branch



The Survey Branch of the Land and Survey Department, Headquarters under the charge of the Assistant Director (Survey), is responsible for processing, managing, storing and maintaining spatial data acquired and survey related activities carried out in the state.


To maintain and manage reliable geospatial data to support efficient land administration.


  1. Providing geodetic controls in the State.
  2. Carrying out aerial photography survey.
  3. Compiling and producing topographic, thematic and town maps of Sarawak.
  4. Sale of restricted and unrestricted maps of Sarawak, survey plans, aerial photographs and orthophotos.
  5. Overseeing cadastral survey works carried out by both Government Surveyors and Licensed Land Surveyors in the state and ensuring the standard of survey work is maintained and that survey practices are in accordance with the Survey Branch technical requirements and the Land Surveyors Ordinance, 2001.
  6. Storing and maintaining spatial data acquired by the Department.

Sections under Survey Branch

The Survey Branch consists of five (5) sections.

Geodetic Survey Section

The Geodetic Survey Section is responsible for the densification of geodetic control network and maintenance of existing Tellurometer Traverse Station (TT) & Standard Traverse Geodimeter (STG) traverse stations in Sarawak. The Geodetic Survey Section is entrusted to ensure that sufficient higher order control stations are available for cadastral survey to be carried out by the respective Divisional offices.  Apart from establishing TT & STG control stations, Geodetic Survey Section also carried out pre-marking & post-marking survey required by Photogrammetry Section for topographic mapping purposes.  Prior to 1993, all Geodetic surveys were executed using conventional theodolites and long range electronic distance measuring (EDM) equipment. However, with the acquisition of Global Positioning System (GPS) in 1992, the Department has since carried out geodetic, pre marking and post marking surveys using GPS survey equipment. The use of GPS survey equipment has indeed facilitated in the survey of densely forested and low lying areas. GPS survey equipment has since be extensively used in providing pre-marking and post marking of control points required for mapping blocks, as well as for densification of existing geodetic control network in the state.

For more information regarding types of survey controls, please click here.

Project Survey Section

The Project Survey Section at Land and Survey Headquarters is responsible for the monitoring of surveys for all Government development projects and to ensure that the surveys are completed on schedule and as budgeted. Besides that, Project Survey Section is also responsible for the monitoring on the performance of Licensed Land Surveyors in the state, and to plan and prepare the privatization of cadastral controls and cadastral survey in the state. The Section is entrusted to plan, prepare, issue, check, and approve cadastral controls, land acquisition surveys, or perimeter surveys under contract survey jobs financed either by the Land and Survey Department Development Fund or by statutory bodies / other government agencies.

To qualify for award of Contract Survey jobs, all Licensed Land Surveyors must be the current registered members of the Land Surveyors Board, Sarawak and that all their surveying assistants must also be currently registered with the Land Surveyors Board, Sarawak.  Additionally, the land surveyor firm must be registered with the Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor (UPK) in the State.

Cartography Section

The Cartography Section is entrusted with the responsibility of producing and maintaining topographic, thematic and town maps of Sarawak. These maps are classified into Restricted and Unrestricted maps and are available for general information and usage of Government agencies, statutory bodies and the general public, upon application. Maps, aerial photographs / orthophoto are classified as restricted items. Requests for supply of these restricted maps and aerial photographs are subjected to the prior security clearance granted by the Royal Malaysia Police. However, requests for the supply of other unrestricted maps are not subjected to security clearance and may be purchased directly at the Sale Counter at all Land and Survey Department Divisional Offices and Cartography Section at Land and Survey Headquarters, Kuching.

Additional information on price of map, and procedure to purchase map/aerial photographs.

Photogrammetry Section

The Photogrammetry Section was established in 1963 under the charge of the Assistant Director of Survey. The main function of the Photogrammetry Section is to produce topographical maps in the form of machine plots throughout the State required for development project such as land development schemes, plantation schemes, drainage and irrigation schemes, urban and rural planning, and other feasibility studies for development programs. Since 2001, these Photogrammetric workstations were replaced by seven (7) units of DATEM Digital Photogrammetry softplotters and two (2) units of MATCH-AT / ORTHOMASTER workstation and two (2) units of ERMAPPER / ARCGIS workstations. The Photogrammetry Section produces Digital Topographical Data, Digital Terrain Model, Digital Urban Map, and Orthophoto Maps for State Development projects and Geographical Information System (GIS). In 2015, Department acquired Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) completed with system to support the existing airborne aerial survey. In 2016, Department utilized mobile LIDAR to acquire data needed for 3D city modeling.

For more information on mapping process, please click here.

Photolitho Section

The Photolitho Section was established in 1962 as part of the Survey Branch in Headquarters and was first known as the Reproduction Section. The functions of the Section then were to carry out aerial survey and printing of aerial photographs for mapping and to reproduce aerial photographs, maps, survey plans and other important documents for the Department, other Government agencies and statutory bodies. The Section was renamed the Photolitho Section in 1980. Its current main activities include binding of printed documents and reports for Departmantal use, producing of land rent payment booklets, and making of special folders for Land Registers, Land Titles Instruments and other legal documents.



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