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NCR Individual Lot Survey In Bidayuh Area
Posted on : 13 Aug 2018

  This press release is in respond to the issue raised in DayakDaily news portal dated 11th August 2018 entitled “Land & Survey Department’s slow pace irks NCR land owners”.

  The department would like to clarify that the NCR New Initiative Survey Programme which was officially started in October 2010 was aimed to survey all estimated 1.5 million hectares of NCR land throughout Sarawak. It was planned comprehensively to be conducted in two stages (i.e.) Stage 1, Perimeter Survey, upon which the area will be gazetted under section 6 of the Land Code as Native Communal Reserve for agriculture purposes and Stage 2, Individual Lot Survey, where upon completion of the survey the document of title under section 18 of the Land Code will be issued to the rightful claimant. To date the department had successfully surveyed 861,136 hectares of NCR land out of which 113,124 hectares belong to the Bidayuh community.

  Under Stage 2, a total of 21,810 lots with an area of 28,160 hectares had been surveyed. From this total, 3,957 lots with an area of 2,945 hectares belong to the Bidayuh Community.

  The Department is thankful to the effort by the Bidayuh community through Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) in demarcating individual lot on the ground to speed up the issuance of individual land title. That was the reason why the two (2) kampungs i.e. Pisa and Skuduk from the Bidayuh community were selected to be the first two kampungs to be surveyed and issued with individual title under the same programme.

  Datuk Sri Michael Manyin was quoted  by DayakDaily purportedly saying

   “When Land and Survey came to do verifications nothing was removed and changed, meaning the survey made by DBNA are more accurate and accepted “

  One must understand that the demarcation done by the DBNA was using Handheld GPS and the error of accuracy can be from 5 to 20 metres depending on the canopy of tree where the observation is done.

  Those demarcated marks on the ground are not meant to be removed or changed, what Land & Survey Department did is to georeference the mark using First Class Theodolite Survey with an accuracy in millimetre.  All these information are then to be plotted onto the cadastral mapping. The different between Handheld GPS survey and First Class Theodolite Survey are obvious where the former is not 100% accurate and cannot be revisited on the ground as the coordinate will differs depends on time of observation whereas the later (i.e.) First Class Theodolite Survey is accurate and plotted onto the cadastral map and can be revisited using the same coordinates.

   Therefore under the law, it is the requirement that the survey must be at the accepted accuracy under the professional survey standard before the land title can be issued.

  The speed of survey is not only determined by the factor of how many survey parties despatched on the ground, but the most important factors are (1) the claimants must be present during the course of survey (2) verification of boundary by the claimants and neighbouring lot owners where they will sign up on the prescribed survey forms and (3) free from dispute or counter claims.

  All the 3 above are also required before the document of title can be issued.  

   In some cases, the department were informed that the community are ready for survey. However, when the survey party is on site, it was found that they were not ready. These are amongst the challenges that the department has to face (i.e.) absentees of claimant that leads to down time and affect the performance of survey work.

  Therefore, to say that Lands and Surveys Job is merely endorsing the peg is totally misleading. The Department is responsible to make sure not only the survey job is completed but the accuracy of data that forms the very fundamental of “Torren’s System” is upheld.

   The Department is committed to continuously improve the process of survey with the latest technology in our pursuit to make sure all NCR land can be surveyed and issued with document of title. The engagement with community will be enhanced to make sure that the actual process of survey on the ground can be done smoothly.