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The State and Federal Governments have agreed on a New NCR Land  Initiative to address the requests by native customary rights landowners for their land to be surveyed and issued titles. This was announced by the Prime Minister Y.A.B Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak on July 22, 2010. 

The Initiative, carried out in two stages, commenced in September 2010 and  continues under the Tenth Malaysia Plan (2011-2015). 

First stage

Perimeter survey is carried out to delineate the boundaries of NCR land within State land.   Upon completion of the survey, the NCR land is then gazetted as a native communal reserve under Section 6 of the Land Code.

Second stage 

With the land gazetted as a native communal reserve, the NCR landowners must then determine the extent and boundaries of their respective parcels of land within the said reserve.  This is to enable the Department to survey the individual  lots to be issued  titles under Section 18 of the Land Code.

Conditions For Area To Be Surveyed:

(i) NCR landowners must apply for their land to be surveyed. A perimeter survey may be carried out if the area is genuinely under NCR; and

(ii) The area in question must be free from  litigation or other disputes.


Advantages Of Gazettement Under Section 6 of the   Land Code

The gazette published under Section 6 of the Land Code guarantees ownership of NCR land.  It is a declaration, confirmation and statutory recognition of native ownership over such land.

The gazette describes explicitly the land surveyed and declared as Native Communal Reserves. It thus enables the community to detect and prevent any unlawful intrusion or encroachment upon their land.

The rights over NCR land within native communal reserves are administered and regulated by the native system of personal law of the native communities concerned.

Commercial development can be put up on NCR land surveyed and issued titles hence enhancing its value and helps to uplift the economic well-being of the landowners.



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