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Mobile LASIS
is a mobile extension of Land And Survey Information System (LASIS), an initiative by the Sarawak Land and Survey Department, Malaysia, to provide a one-stop mobile app services for the public.
Features product of Mobile LASIS:
LAND SEARCH: Search by landmarks, Unique Parcel Identifier (UPI) or simply by selecting on the subject lot. Then, buy Cadastral Map Sheet at 1:1000 / 1:5000 map scale, and/or buy Printout of Title / Strata Title.
RENT & PREMIUM: Viewing of Land Rent and Premium details and make payment of outstanding amount, if any.
RENEWAL OF LAND LEASE: Online application for renewal of land lease.
VALUATION SERVICES: Compute Premium Charges (indicative values only) for Application for Variation of Title Condition (AVTC) from agriculture to residential land
Now the payment via Credit Card or Bank Direct Debit available.


Download Mobile LASIS App at Google Play and App Store for FREE!